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What’s on in York: Eco Crafts at Tang Hall Explore Library

Think twice about what you’re throwing in the rubbish and upcycle everyday objects in our Eco Crafts sessions!

  • JUL 5th Tue, 17:00 – 19:00 BST Eco Crafts Tang Hall Explore Library, York Tickets
  • JUL 12th Tue, 17:00 – 19:00 BST Eco Crafts Tang Hall Explore Library, York Tickets
  • JUL 19th Tue, 17:00 – 19:00 BST Eco Crafts Tang Hall Explore Library, York Tickets
About this event

Join our craft group with a difference as we give a second life to everyday objects and craft them into new and wonderful creations. Much like our ordinary craft group, you can bring your own projects and materials and staff or volunteers will be on hand to provide materials and inspiration too! Crafts could range from paper making, textiles and more. Learn new skills and techniques and help protect our planet in the process by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Open to all ages, adults, teens and children alike.

More paths obstructed by weeds

Work starts on improvements to Hob Moor cattle grids

A footpath at the top of Foxwood Lane has become so overgrown that access for wheelchair users is effectively now blocked. Nettles and thistles had in recent years been cut by a farmer, but this year there has been no control. The Council has apparently taken the margin off its weedkilling programme so the only hope is that local volunteers will help to clear a route for users

Foxwood Lane

Elsewhere “Mares Tail” weeds are beginning to impede access to one of the snickets off The Reeves. It is a problem that occurred last year but the Council were slow to apply the specialist weed killer needed to control this type of weed.

The Reeves

Nettles are also the main problem on the cycle/foot path link which is located between Hob Stones and Windsor Garth. Again it is a problem which also occurred last year.

Hob Stones/Windsor Garth cycle and foot path

Possibly better news on the adjacent Hob Moor. Cattle – which are an important part of the eco system there – were taken off the area a few weeks ago as they were escaping though the modified cycle barriers. Work has started today on providing longer cattle grids in an attempt to secure the moor for grazing.

Work has begun on installing a longer cattle grid at the Hob Moor Drive entrance to the moor.

Major housing development at Copmanthorpe set to gain planning approval

The York Council planning committee is being recommended by officials to approve a application for the erection of 158 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and drainage. 48 of the homes will be classified as “affordable”. (80% social rented, 20% discount sale)

The site is located between the A64 and the railway line and is designated for development in the draft Local Plan. (It was previously included in the Green Belt).

The application is likely to be controversial as the public hearings into the Local Plan have not yet concluded. However, other greenfield sites designated for development in the Plan, have been granted planning permission in recent years despite many attracting objections.

30 objections have been made to the proposals including one from Historic England and one from Network Rail. The latter is concerned about increased use of a nearby level crossing. They are seeking a contribution towards providing a footbridge although this is not supported by Council officials (as the crossing is identified for replacement in any event).

Interestingly – given the move to electric vehicles – the Council is not being recommended to require that a charging point be fitted at each home.

Bid to protect two pubs near York

The York Council is being asked on Monday 11th July to list two local pubs as “assets of community value” (ACV). The pubs are:

  • a.   Grey Horse Inn, Main Street, Elvington, York. An application has been received from Elvington Parish Council.
  • b.   Royal Oak Public House, 1 Main Street, Copmanthorpe, York. An application has been received from Copmanthorpe Parish Council.

Both applications are requests to re-add the properties to the ACV register.

The purpose behind these provisions is to ensure that property (land and building) assets which are currently used for principal/non ancillary use(s) which benefit the local communities are not disposed of without the local community being given an opportunity to bid for these assets if and when the owner wishes to dispose of the asset.

This right is not simply to accommodate ‘public assets’ but also private assets, the test is whether such assets are viewed as ‘assets of community value’. These assets therefore could be currently owned by the public, private or voluntary sector

if a building or piece of land which is on the list is going to be disposed of (by way of either a freehold sale or granting of a lease for a Term of 25 years or more) with vacant possession, then the owner of the asset needs to give notice to the local authority. There is then a 6 week moratorium period for any community group to express interest in writing.

If they do, then a 6 month period (commencing from the date on which the Council had received notice of the owner’s intention to dispose of the asset) is provided for that group to prepare its bid. After that period the owner can market the property and any bid from the community group will be considered with bids from other interested parties.

There is no guarantee that the offer from the community group will be successful as the owner of the asset will dispose of the property in accordance with its own criteria for disposal. There are a number of exceptions contained within the legislation that mean that this moratorium period does not apply and the owner does not need to give notice of its intention to sell. This includes when there is a legally enforceable requirement, which pre-dates the listing, to sell to a specific party.

The current list of assets of Community Value are:

  1. The Golden Ball Public House, 2 Cromwell Road, York, YO16 6DU – approved 6 th March 2014. Renewed on 15th July 2019
  2. New Earswick and District Bowls Club, Huntington Road, York, YO32 9PX – approved 6th November 2014. Renewed on 24th July 2020.
  3. Holgate Allotments, Ashton Lane, Holgate, York, YO24 4LX – approved 29th June 2015. Renewed on 14th February 2022.
  4. The Swan, Bishopthorpe Road, York, YO23 1JH – approved 20th October 2015.
  5. The Derwent Arms, 29 Osbaldwick Village, Osbaldwick, YO10 3NP – approved 14th March 2016. Renewed on 11th April 2022.
  6. The Minster Inn, 24 Marygate, York, YO30 7BH – approved 11th July 2016.
  7. The Wenlock Arms Public House, 73 Main Street, Wheldrake, YO19 6AA – approved 11th July 2016.
  8. Costcutter Shop, 58 Main Street, Wheldrake, York, YO19 6AB – approved 11th July 2016.
  9. Wheldrake Woods (owned by the Forestry Commission), Broad Highway, Wheldrake, YO19 6 – approved 11th July 2016.
  10. The Blacksmiths Arms, Naburn York, YO19 4PN – approved 12th September 2016.
  11. Holgate Community Garden and Play Park, Upper St Paul’s Terrace, York, YO24 4BS. – approved 12th September 2016
  12. White Rose House, 79 Main Street, Wheldrake, York, YO19 6AA – approved 29th September 2016.
  13. The Grey Horse Public House, Main Street, Elvington, York, YO41 4AA – approved 19th December 2016.
  14. The Deramore Arms Public House, Main Street, Heslington, York, YO10 5EA. – approved 13th March 2017.
  15. The Carlton Tavern Public House, 104 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4HA – approved 10th April 2017.
  16. The Royal Oak Public House, 1 Main Street, Copmanthorpe, York, YO23 3ST. – approved 12th June 2017.
  17. The Blue Bell Public House, 53 Fossgate, York, YO1 9TF. – approved 17th October 2017.
  18. The Old Ebor Public House, 2 Drake Street, York, YO23 1EQ. – approved 17th October 2017.
  19. New Earswick Swimming Pool, Hawthorne Terrace, New Earswick, YO32 4TZ. – approved 12th March 2018.
    20.Strensall Library, 19 The Village, Strensall, York, YO32 5XS. – approved 9th April 2018.
  20. The Lord Collingwood Public House, The Green, Upper Poppleton, York, YO26 6DP. – approved 14th May 2018.
  21. The Garrison Church of St Wilfrid, St Wilfrid’s Road, Strensall, York, YO32 5SJ. – approved 17th September 2018.
  22. Hurst Hall Community Centre, Border Road, Strensall Camp, York, B757RL. – approved 15th July 2019.
  23. The Lord Nelson Public House, 9 Main Street. Nether Poppleton , York, YO26 6HS. – approved 16th September 2019.
  24. The Blacksmiths Arms Public House, Shipton Road, Skelton, York, YO30 1YJ. – approved 16th September 2019.
  25. The car park at rear of the former Murton Arms Public House, Main Street, Murton, York, YO19 5UQ. – approved 24th July 2020.
  26. The Golden Ball Public House, 2 Cromwell Road, York, YO16 6DU – approved 6 th March 2014. Renewed on 15th July 2019

Latest planning application for the Westfield Ward

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Westfield ward.

Full details can be found by clicking the application reference


Clockhouse Kingsway West York YO24 3BA

Proposal      Change of Use From Licensed bookmakers (Sui Generis) to C1 (Holiday) Letting Rooms with associated External Alterations

Reference   22/01174/FUL


Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning online web site.  http://planningaccess.york.gov.uk/online-applications/

The Council does not routinely consult neighbours by letter when an application is received

Council confirms £8,767 cost of Foxwood Youth Club plus dozens of other grants

The York Council has published a long list of grants which are being made under its ward committee system. Although the system has involved public consultation in the past – to help decide priorities – this hasn’t happened in recent years. The grants (approved by local Councillors) include-

  • The awards include a £8767 contribution towards “The Island” to enable them to run a youth club at the Foxwood Community centre on Tuesday evenings. The award document says the award is for “Starting an open access youth club for young people aged 13-18 at Foxwood Community Centre, beginning on Tuesday 28th June. The youth club will run every Tuesday 7-9pm and will be facilitated by Youth Workers from The Island and community volunteers. As part of the project, youth workers will also be undertaking detached youth work, venturing out into the community on Tuesday evenings”
  • A grant of £3632 is also being made to Gateway towards the costs and materials associated with weekly After School Hangout for young people aged 5-16 in Chapelfields delivered on Thursdays term time by members of The Gateway youth and children’s team.
  • £875 will go to “New Visuality” to celebrate “green spaces art project involving 75 local young people. The project will focus on 3 groups of children with Westfield Ward postcodes: Westfield Primary, Hob Moor School, and 2nd Acomb Scouts Group”.
  • £850 will fund “”set up costs of a free to access Wednesday Play Morning sessions for children under five years old.” at Acomb Library
  • Toolbox Drama will get £2678 for “start up funding towards developing a fully accessible dance fitness programme within Westfield ward (at Energise) for adults with additional needs”.
  • York Cares received a grant of £626 for their, recently completed) Big Community Challenge Green Corridors, a large scale transformative project to improve biodiversity between urban areas throughout the west of York (covering the wards of Acomb, Woodthorpe and Westfield). Westfield Ward contribution
  • There are dozens of other awards across the City. One will be eye-catching for those cyclists who have long complained about obstructions to cycle paths. £1204 will go to Greenways to allow them to “ purchase new power tools which will enable the group to maintain verges along the solar system cycle track from Tadcaster Road to the Sun (southern by-pass)”
click to view full list

York Council reform – Greens face up to the issue

Green party Councillors in York are proposing that the decision making processes of the York Council are changed.

According to a report in The Press they favour holding a referendum – to coincide with next years local elections – which will decide whether to adopt a more inclusive committee based way of taking decisions.

York Press 1/7/22

The call has already received the backing of other Councillors including Independent Mark Warters

The modern committee system was adopted by the Sheffield Council following a similar referendum held 14 months ago.

The initiative to move to the new system was expected to come from the Liberal Democrat leadership who included the plan in their 2019 election manifesto. However, the Council Leader has consistently declined to make his position clear with a deafening silence greeting any enquiries about progress on fulfilling the manifesto pledge.

Internal Council private meeting records, dating back 8 years, have recently been circulating which show that then opposition Councillors – including Keith Aspden and Andy D’agorne- supported the adoption of a more consensual decision making system.

Voting patterns on the Green proposal may give some indication why reform has been delayed.

All parties will shortly be beginning the process to select candidates for the 2023 elections.

New candidates may be required to give unequivocal support for a more inclusive system.

They may also be asked to oppose the planned introduction of a North Yorkshire Mayor – a post which could further erode local democracy.

Liberal Democrat Councillors in York called for a return to a committee based decision making process as long ago as March 2015

Coronavirus York updates: 1st July 2022

Future reports

This is the last daily coronavirus report. The Government has announced that it will update figures only weekly in future. Given that infection rates have been rising steadily over the last 4 weeks many may feel that more regular updates should have continued at least until case numbers start to fall again. But we are where we are.

We hope to publish our next Coronavirus update on Wednesday 13th July 2022 at around 5:00pm

Hospitals and deaths. There have been no additional fatalities. The number of  COVID+ patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has risen to 112. The number in the ICU is now 3. 

Two more deaths of York residents are recorded in the latest update of government figures. They cover the week ending 17th June 2022. Both deaths occurred in a hospital. They bring the cumulative toll up to 460. 

Test results The number of cases in the City has reduced by 4 to 482. The infection rate is 228.41. The latest test results suggest that the rate will climb above 250 next week. 

In York around 25% of cases are now reinfections. Around 70% of positive tests are being recorded in the  under 60 age group.

Neighbourhoods The highest infection rate continues to be found in Woodthorpe/Acomb Park/Foxwood South (363.8) . The lowest is in Tang Hall (71.2) – the first reading below 100 for a week.

Tests 612 “lateral flow” tests were recorded yesterday

Vaccinations 6 third dose booster jabs were completed yesterday. A total of 5,770 York residents aged 12-15 have had the first dose of the vaccine. This represents 68.9% of the estimated (12-15) population of York. 4,161 residents aged 12-15 have had both doses of the vaccine. This represents 49.7% of the estimated (12-15) population of York. A total of 2,520 residents aged 5-11 have had the first dose of the vaccine. This represents 16.8% of the estimated (5-11) population of York.


York Council open data report

The Council has updated its coronavirus report which is published on the “open data” web site. It is reproduced below

The data is accurate as at 8.00 a.m. on Friday 01.07.22. Some narrative for the data covering the latest period is provided here below:

ONS Covid Infection Survey

With fewer tests being carried out, the 7 day case rate, used in isolation, is a less reliable indicator of the level of covid infection in the local population. Therefore the estimates for York from the ONS Covid Infection Survey are also presented to provide a more balanced picture. For the period 12.6.22 to 18.6.22 it is estimated that 2.86% of York’s population (about 1 in 35) would test positive for Covid-19. This represents an increase from the previous estimate of 2.09% (about 1 in 50) for the period 5.6.22 to 11.6.22.

People with Covid Symptoms

• As at 30.6.22, the Covid Symptom App estimates 4,205 people per 100,000 (or 4.21%) in York with symptomatic covid (responses from a sample of 1,753 people).

Diagnosed cases / episodes

• As at 30.6.22 CYC residents have had a total 67,469 covid episodes since the start of the pandemic, a rate of 31,974 per 100,000 of population. The cumulative rate in York is below the national (33,818) and regional (33,443) averages.

• The PHE ‘Exceedance’ rating compares the no. of new cases over a 14 day period with the previous 6 weeks and provides a RAG rating to indicate if the previously observed trend in the number of new cases is worsening. The latest rating for York (25.6.22) is Red.

• The provisional rate of new Covid episodes per 100,000 of population for the period 22.6.22 to 28.6.22 in York is 237 (500 episodes). (Using data published on Gov.uk on 30.6.22).

• The latest official “validated” rate of new Covid episodes per 100,000 of population for the period 19.6.22 to 25.6.22 in York was 230.3 (486 episodes). The national and regional averages at this date were 199.3 and 167.2 respectively (using data published on Gov.uk on 30.6.22).

• York is currently ranked 126th out of 149 Upper Tier Local Authorities (UTLAs) in England with a rank of 1 indicating the lowest 7 day rate.

• The rate of new Covid cases per 100,000 of population for the period 19.6.22 to 25.6.22 for people aged 60+ in York was 280.5 (140 cases). The national and regional averages were 235.5 and 197.2 respectively.

• Case rates in York are currently highest in the following age ranges: 60-64 (371 per 100,000); 45-49 (369); 35-39 (320) and 50-54 (308).

• As at 23.6.22 the latest 14 day positivity rate in York (Pillar 1 tests only) was 9.3%. The national and regional averages are 5.3% and 6.7% respectively.

• As at 23.6.22, the latest 14 day positivity rate in York (all Pillar 2 tests) was 19.0%. The national and regional averages are 7.6% and 9.8% respectively.

COVID Bed Occupancy in York Hospital

• As at 24.6.22 there were 46 confirmed Covid-19 patients in General/Acute beds. The peak number was 158 on 28.3.22.

• As at 24.6.22 there were 2 confirmed Covid-19 patients in the Intensive Treatment Unit. The peak number for people in ITU was 19 on 10.5.20.

R Number

• The ‘R’ value (the number of people that one infected person will pass on a virus to, on average) for the North East and Yorkshire area on 24.6.22 was estimated to be in the range 1.1 to 1.3.


For cases in York with a specimen date between 1st May 2022 and 23rd June 2022, the estimated percentage breakdown by variants of concern (VOCs) is as follows:

• VOC-21NOV-01(Omicron(B.1.1.529) sub-lineage BA.1: 1.11% of cases

• VOC-22JAN-01 (Omicron (B.1.1.529) sub-lineage BA.2: 75.76%

• VOC-22APR-03 (Omicron (B.1.1.529) sub-lineage BA.4: 7.78%

• VOC-22APR-04 (Omicron (B.1.1.529) sub-lineage BA.5: 13.33%

• Undetermined – 2.22%

Source: PHE Covid-19 Situational Awareness Explorer.


Vaccinations for People aged 16+ (1st dose, 2nd dose and Booster)

• As at 28.6.22 a total of 159,460 CYC residents aged 16+ have had the first dose of the vaccine. This represents 89.4% of the estimated (16+) population of York.

• As at 28.6.22 a total of 153,551 CYC residents aged 16+ have had both doses of the vaccine. This represents 86.1% of the estimated (16+) population of York.

• As at 28.6.22 a total of 126,607 CYC residents aged 16+ have received the booster vaccine. This represents 71.0% of the estimated (16+) population of York.

Vaccinations for People aged 12-15 (1st and 2nd dose)

• As at 28.6.22 a total of 5,770 CYC residents aged 12-15 have had the first dose of the vaccine. This represents 68.9% of the estimated (12-15) population of York.

• As at 28.6.22 a total of 4,161 CYC residents aged 12-15 have had both doses of the vaccine. This represents 49.7% of the estimated (12-15) population of York.

Vaccinations for People aged 5-11 (1st dose)

• As at 28.6.22 a total of 2,520 CYC residents aged 5-11 have had the first dose of the vaccine. This represents 16.8% of the estimated (5-11) population of York.

Source: PHE Covid-19 Situational Awareness Explorer.


Two key sources about deaths from Covid-19 at LA level are ONS data and local registrar data. They are derived from the same source (civil registration data). ONS data is more comprehensive as it includes deaths of York residents which have occurred and been registered outside York. Local registrar data provides a breakdown by age and gender. For both data sources a death from Covid-19 is said to have occurred when Covid-19 has been recorded on the death certificate. The most recently available data is summarised below:

• ONS Weekly data: In the most recent period (2022 Week 24: 11.6.22 to 17.6.22) 1 Covid-19 death was recorded as having occurred for CYC residents. In weeks 23, 22 and 21 there had been 0, 1 and 1 deaths respectively. Please note that due to lags in death registration, weekly totals are subject to revision.

• ONS Cumulative data: Since the start of the pandemic, for deaths occurring up to 17thJune 2022 and registered up to 25th June 2022, 506 Covid-19 deaths were recorded as having occurred for CYC residents (314 in hospital, 148 in care homes, 36 at home/elsewhere and 8 in a hospice). The number of deaths per 100,000 of population in York is 239.8 which is lower than the national average of 299.4

Source: ONS – Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, provisional: week ending 17 June 2022. Released 28.6.22.

• Age / Gender breakdown (using registrar data): The average age of the CYC residents who died was 81.5, with an age range of 30-104. 77.5% of the CYC residents who died were aged 75+. 49% of the CYC residents who died were male.

York Sports Awards winners announced

The 9th York Sports Awards ceremony held at the Roger Kirk Centre at the University of York, saw 46 awards handed out to athletes, coaches, volunteers and administrators across the city.

Olympic shot putter Scott Lincoln and Paralympian Boccia athlete Beth Moulam were awarded Sportsman and Disability Sportsperson of the year at the prestigious event. Rower Lucy Edmunds, Great Britain under 23 rower, was recognised as Sportswoman of the year.

York City Knights Ladies were the big team winners, scoring the Performance Team/Club of the year with their coach Lindsay Anfield who was also voted Coach of the Year.

Volunteer of the Year award was given to Georgia Briggs for her work at University of York Rugby Union Club.

York City Football Club Foundation’s “Lifting Spirits” Initiative was voted the leading “Wellbeing Project /Event of the Year” for the Foundation’s work in supporting vulnerable and older people through sport.

A special “Community Champion” Award was presented to GoGet York a project making cycling and other outdoor activities accessible for all.

The “Outstanding Service to Sport” Award, in association with City of York Council, was won by Yvette Shepherd for her dedication to York RI AFC.

Here is the full list of the awards winners:

Young Achievers (Sponsored by Better):