Coronavirus York updates: 13th September 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

One more death announced today. It occurred on Friday and brings the cumulative toll up to 639.

Hospital patient numbers have also increased

Test Results

77 positive test results were announced today. They bring the total up to 21,073

The number of cases in the City has fallen by 47 to 466

The case number total is the lowest seen in the City since 23rd June 2021

The infection rate /100k population has fallen to 220.37. It is expected to remain at around that level for the next few days

Infection rates are now falling at City, county, regional and national levels


There are now no neighbourhoods in the City with an infection rate above 400.

50% of neighbourhoods now have an infection rate of less than 200

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412 vaccinations were completed yesterday (Sunday)


  • 8455 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 7th September 2201
  • Of these, 6.4% were positive. That compares to a positivity rate of 6.6% found during the previous week.
  • In addition 3094 “lateral flow” tests were also completed on 12th September 2021

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