New speed indicator signs a success in York

Image result for flashing speed signs gifs

The trial of a new style of vehicle activated sign in York has been declared a success.

The signs – which have been in use in other parts of the country for some time – show

  • · A vehicle’s speed and thank you message for vehicles travelling at or below the posted speed limit. ·
  • The speed limit roundel and a “slow down” message for vehicles exceeding the speed limit

The results from the trial sites, which were located on Stockton Lane and York Road, Strensall, reveal that there was a significant reduction in mean speeds after the new style signs were installed.

The signs cost around £3000 each. Their use is supported by the Police and road safety experts.

A meeting next week is being recommended to approve the use of the signs in York.

Legislation is likely next year which will require new vehicles to fitted with automatic speed limit control software. Many vehicles already have speed limit display options.

So the new signs may have a limited lifespan.

However, we welcome the change in policy. It is something residents have been pressing for some time.

Hopefully now the speed indicator warning sign, which was removed from Wetherby Road a couple of years ago, will be restored.

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