York City centre “vision”

The Council made something of an event yesterday of lunching a new “vision” for the York City centre.

In reality, the document offers little that is original. There is no revolution on offer.

That comes as a relief given the occasionally eccentric ideas that some Councillors have proposed in recent years.

Instead we are offered what is effectively organic change. That is how the City has matured over the centuries and is the right – and probably inevitable – way forward.

Residents can now take part in a further on line survey. They can answer a series of largely anodyne questions. No timetables, costings or sources of funding are provided. There is no transport plan. Respondents who are honest will make full use of the “no opinion” box.

Everyone wants the city centre to prosper. Few like hen/stag parties. Many will back the idea of “family friendly” early evening activities. 

But the devil is likely to be in the detail and with the idea of river taxis and the (80 year old) plan for riverside walkways likely to remain either impractical or unaffordable for the foreseeable future.

The document can be viewed by clicking here

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