York businesses reminded about apprenticeship support

City of York Council’s Apprenticeship team is reminding local businesses that they can get help and support – including financial – if they are planning to take on apprentices this September.

Apprenticeships continue to play a significant role in supporting the city’s economic recovery from the covid 19 pandemic, with 730 new apprenticeships started in York from June ‘21 to January ‘22.

A total of 79 of these were in the council and local authority maintained schools, which is an increase of 49 per cent in the last six months.

The authority has also agreed support for 27 apprentices in nine other organisations across the city, committing £160,000 of support through the Apprenticeship Levy Scheme.

This national initiative enables larger employers to transfer unspent apprenticeship levy onto other businesses or partner organisations, enabling the funding to remain local, benefitting smaller organisations and enhancing the pool of skilled workers in the city.

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