Funding available to boost sport and wellbeing in York

Applications are being invited for the York Council’s two Sport and Active Leisure grants, to make clubs more accessible, offer more sports options and further improve safety and wellbeing standards.

The Small Grants Fund will see funding of up to £500 distributed, whilst the Hub Club Grants will award a max of £1,000 to 5 successful applicants per year. Both funds are open for applications before 31 May 2022. Payments to successful applicants will be made in June 2022.

To support club members’ wellbeing, all successful applicants are required to complete mental health awareness training. They will be given a small award to undertake this nationally-recognised scheme.

“I urge anyone interested to apply before the 31st May. To find out the criteria for applications and to apply please visit”

Applications for 2022/23’s Small Grants are welcome before 31 May so please find out more at

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