Cycling news

Sustrans have announced that work on resurfacing the cycle path between Naburn and Riccall will be completed this week. The section will then be reopened.

On Monday, the section between Vicarage Lane (photo) & Naburn Lane will then be closed for 6 weeks.

The section which runs along the A64 southern by pass has been resurfaced. It is now much smoother. Unfortunately it is already becoming obstructed by overgrowth. This is a problem on several paths each summer. The authorities seem unable to put even a basic maintenance programme in place and it is often left to volunteers to clear branches and weeds on an ad hoc basis.

There is still no news on improvements for the section of cycle path between Tadcaster Road and the A64 underpass. Work was supposed to have been completed last year as part of the project to provide additional football pitches in the area. It was the Councils responsibility to move the scheme forward but eventually it stalled. The only improvement which was completed was the installation of some lighting at the London Bridge underpass.

The Council has promised to bring forward revised proposals later this year.

Elsewhere the now ubiquitous Tier electric bikes and scooters have reached Gale Lane and Thanet Road. (Lidl). It is fair to say that opinions are mixed about the safety and hire costs of the scooters the use of which is restricted to highways (they cannot legally be used on footpaths)) The Tier App site – which includes details of charging arrangements and other regulations – can be found by clicking this link.

Tier hire bikes and scooter outside Lidl on Thanet Road

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