York – Selby cycle path update

Most of the York – Selby cycle path has now reopened following resurfacing work.

The section between Naburn (Vicarage Lane) and Riccall is now available for use.

The path is much smoother now with tree root damage virtually eliminated. Hopefully root shields will have been installed to prevent damage in the future

The section between Vicarage Lane and the B1222 junction has now been closed to allow resurfacing work to be completed. There is a relatively easy, on road, diversion available for this section through Naburn Village. There are, however, currently some road works taking place in the village.

Route now closed between Vicarage Lane and the B1222

The section, between the B1222 and the bridge over the Ouse, will be the final section to be resurfaced. This is likely to be the most awkward for cyclists as there is no local alternative route. It is also the most heavily used section of the track

NB. A sign advertising a cafe has now appeared on the new White Rose football clubhouse which is located at the Tadcaster Road end of the cycle track. This may irritate some cycle track users as – contrary to the conditions attached to the planning consent for the building – no improvements have yet been made to the adjacent cycle/footpath. Indeed the spiral access at London Bridge has already become overgrown with the obstruction representing a hazard for users.

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