Coronavirus York updates: 17th June 2022

Hospitals and deaths There has been one additional death. It occurred yesterday and was the first  fatality recorded since 7th June. Hospital patient numbers are stable. 

Test results The number of cases in the City has increased by 19 to 318. The infection rate has risen to 150.70. It is expected to peak at around 160 over the weekend. There are some very early signs that the rate may then stabilise. The  picture will be clearer when Mondays figures are published. 

Tests 484 “lateral flow” tests were recorded yesterday.

Neighbourhoods Only two neighbourhoods now have an infection rate below 100. They are Haxby and Rawcliffe/Clifton South. The highest rate (277.1) can be found in South Bank/Dringhouses. 

Vaccinations 14 third dose booster jabs were administered yesterday


Why are infections increasing?

Interesting article from the BBC on the recent increase in COVID infections


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