Law of unintended consequences

While we were happy today to report on the successful completion of improvements to a cycle track link to Riccall, elsewhere things a re more problematic.

On Hob Moor, weeds and grass are now growing quickly in the good weather. The absence of cattle grazing means that wildlife habitats, carefully nurtured over several decades, could be irreparably damaged. This because one fringe cycling pressure group wanted a slightly easier access onto the moor.

The Council must bear most of the blame having impulsively removed barriers without any trials to assess the consequences.’ Cattle subsequently escaped and had to be relocated away from the moor, That was three weeks ago and there is no sign of the barriers being restored. Shocking neglect by a Council which professes to be sensitive to the environment.

Hob Moor nesting grounds are now overgrown

Nearby cycling infrastructure is also slowly disappearing under a curtain of weeds. The Council is supposed to be starting its second weed spraying round this month. There are too many paths and alleys where the first round hasn’t been completed.

Paths near Windsor Garth are becoming overgrown

Perhaps even more surprising, right in the City centre on Micklegate, a cycle parking loop has been overgrown. Inadequate cycle parking provision is an area of neglect which directly conflicts with the Councils ambition to get more people onto two wheels.

Weeds impeding cycle stand on Micklegate

The situation is reminiscent of problems at the Green party run Brighton Council, where the local authority has banned the use of herbicides. They were reportedly going to offer neighbours free use of equipment to “strim” weed growth . They apparently forgot to order the equipment with dramatic consequences.

Update: 18/6/22:: Thanks to Paul Willey and the York Council cleansing team, the cycle rack on Micklegate is now free of weed growth obstructions

Even worse in Brighton according to media reports

Another own goal on cycle parking? Further down Micklegate spaces which could be used by cyclists have been taken over by Tier scooters. Local shopkeepers report that they get very little use. Earlier today all the cycle parking loops were in use. Four scooters blocked the rest of the area.

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