Coronavirus York updates: 20th June 2022

Hospitals and deaths There have been no further deaths. The number of COVID+ patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has increased to 77. This is the highest count since 23rd May 2022. There are now 2 patients in intensive care.

Test results The infection rate continues to rise and has now reached 163.97. On current trends it will top 200 before the end of the week.  The 64 positive results  recorded on Wednesday 15th June was the highest individual day’s figure recorded since 20th April. The number of cases in the City is now 346.

The ;latest government analysis shows that around 80% of cases are first infections with the remainder being reinfections.

The York infection rate (164) remains above the regional (108) and national (133) rates. 

Neighbourhoods It has taken a long time, but in all neighbourhoods in York at least 50% of residents have now had their third “booster” jab. The final area to pass the milestone was central York. 

Vaccinations 7 booster jabs were completed yesterday. 67.2% of the York population have now had a third dose “booster” vaccination. 

Tests 491 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 13th June 2022. Of these 7.9% were positive. This compares to a  positivity rate of 6.3% found during the previous week. The positivity rate has doubled over 7 days. In addition 408 “lateral flow” tests were recorded on  19th June 2022


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