Coronavirus York updates: 21st June 2022

Hospitals and deaths There have been two more hospital deaths. One occurred on Friday and the other yesterday (Monday) They bring the cumulative toll up to 962. Patient numbers are stable. 

Test results The number of cases in the City has risen by 14 to 360.  Between 10% and 20% of cases are reinfections (the table below has been amended to include the split). The infection rate has risen to 170.6. It continues to trend upwards. It remains higher than the regional and national rates.

Neighbourhoods There are now no neighbourhoods with an infection rate below 100.  The highest rate can be found in Bishopthorpe/Copmanthorpe (241.3). The lowest is in New Earswick (103.4)

Tests 660 people recorded “lateral flow” test results yesterday. The number of tests being completed is rising. 

Vaccinations 48 third dose booster jabs were completed yesterday.


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