Coronavirus York updates: 22nd June 2022

Hospitals and deaths The number of COVID+ patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has climbed to 87. This is the highest level seen since 13th May. There are three patients in the ICU. There have been no additional fatalities. 

Test results The number of cases in the City has risen by 18 to 378.The infection rate has risen to 179.13. It is expected to top 200 later this week. In the equivalent period in 2021, the infection rate also rose sharply reaching 208.98 on 22nd June 2021. It went on to peak at 519.85 on 16th July before then gradually falling back. 

Neighbourhoods  The neighbourhood with the highest infection rate is now Huntington (249.7)  The area with the lowest rate is New Earswick (120.6) 

Tests 539 “lateral flow” tests were recorded yesterday (21/6/22)

Vaccinations 33 booster jabs were completed yesterday (21/6/22). 85.2% of the York population have now had at least one COVID vaccination


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