Coronavirus York updates: 3rd August 2022

Hospitals and deaths The number of COVID+ patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has fallen to 109. There are no patients in the ICU. The death rate remains stable with about one death being recorded each week

Cases  The number of cases in the City is now 239. The number is around 1/3 of the figure recorded two weeks ago.

The infection rate has fallen to 113.3. That is the lowest level recorded since the beginning of June.

It is also lower than was recorded during the same period in 2021. During August 2021 the infection rate was regularly recorded at over 300. The York rate is also now lower than the regional and national averages

Neighbourhoods 9 neighbourhoods now have an infection rate below 100. The lowest can be found in Fulford/Heslington (51.1) and the highest in Strensall (201.6).

Vaccinations The proportion of people who have had their 3rd dose booster jab is now 67.8%

Tests The number of tests being recorded has remained fairly stable. The proportion of positive results is edging down. 


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