Plan for new community woodland car park off Northfield Lane

Will be used as a site compound while planting and construction work takes place on adjacent land

The proposal is to construct an access for the purpose of allowing operational access to the proposed York Community Woodland development on this and the adjoing site. City of York Council (CYC) purchased the land in 2020, funded through their Northern Forest capital budget. The purpose of this land purchase was to create a significant new community woodland for the city delivering a wide range of social, environmental, and economic benefits. The proposal also includes the construction of a car park and all ability trail as part of the Queens Green Canopy project. This will be used in the future when the sit is opened to the public

Its initial use will be for the delivery of machinery and plants to achieve the planting programme on the remainder of the 76ha site. This part of the site is under a separate application under permitted rights. The access will be used in the future for woodland management including, grass cutting and tree harvesting.

As part of the recreation offer for this site the development includes the provision of a car park with 15 spaces and 3 all ability spaces and an all-ability trail running through the existing Queens Green Canopy avenue of trees from the car park. The car park includes knee rail fencing and a small “swale and bund” to ensure vehicles can not access the rest of the site from the car park.

The all-ability trail will be built to BT Fieldfare Trust Access for All specifications for semirural sites at 2.5m wide. This will allow the use of wheelchairs and disabled buggies with a surface of maximum 10mm to dust compacted aggregate. The trail is approximately 350m in length and will have benches every 100m.
The car park is has been designed to accept 18 cars with 3 of the spaces for disabled drivers, linking straight on o the disabled path. The reaming spaces have a timber kerb to stop vehicles driving on to the path

The adjacent – poorly maintained – cycle track does not form part of the proposals although the Council did promise improvements when it purchased the site a couple of years ago. The proposed access road to the site compound – which would be constructed a standard to accommodate 44 T lorries – cuts across the existing cycle route.

Site compound location

The work is likely to be ongoing for several years

A separate application would see Pavers extend their buildings on the nearby North Minster Business Park. Details of the . extension to Pavers facility to provide office space with associated car parking and landscaping. Details can be viewed by clicking here

NB. In June, the Council announced its intention to make Northfield Lane the City’s first “quiet lane

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