Coronavirus York updates- 17th August 2022

Hospitals and deaths There has been one further death of a York resident over the last 7 days. It brings the cumulative toll up to 490. There are currently 68 COVID+ patients being treated by the York Hospital Trust. 2 are in the ICU. This is the lowest number since the middle of June.

Infection rates and case numbers The number of cases in the City has fallen to 167. The infection rate is 79.1. This is the lowest rate seen since 1st June 2022 (69.66). It is now slightly above the regional and national averages but well below the level seen last year (331.7).  77% of recent cases are first infections.

Neighbourhoods Only 6 neighbourhoods now have an infection rate above 100. The highest (172.4 = 10 cases) can be found in New Earswick. The lowest (30.7 = 3 cases) can be found in Heslington/Fulford. 

One neigbourhood, Poppleton/Rufforth/Askham, now has fewer than 3 cases. 

Vaccinations The government has announced this week that a new vaccine has been developed which protects against both the Delta and Omicron variants. It is likely to be administered as a booster jab at the same time as the autumn flu jab. This program may start as soon as the end of September.

Tests The proportion of PCR tests proving positive has fallen below 5% for the first time since the middle of June. 


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