Mixed news for cyclists in York

Obstructions cleared

Overgrowth has been cleared from the York – Selby cycle path near London Bridge. The path had become overgrown over the last few weeks and was reduced to a single file. The improvement followed the intervention of local Councillor Paula Widdowson..

There are hopes that there will be further improvements to this section of the track with work starting in the autumn

Cycle path now clear of obstructions

Active Travel England & York

Media announcement in January 2022.

There was much excitement earlier in the year when the government announced that “Active Travel England” (ATE) would be located in York. An immediate search for suitable premises was launched with the promise that the decision would bring around 100 jobs to the City.

Since then things have gone ominously quiet, even though – as we reported yesterday – there is plenty of vacant office space in the City.

Active Travel England has been actively recruiting with a £110,000 a year Chief Executive being appointed.

Government programme funding has also been allocated,

There are now rumours that Active Travel England will not be coming to York this summer.

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