Coronavirus York updates: 19th January 2022

Restrictions to be eased

  • According to a government announcement, work from home guidance, COVID passports and mandatory wearing of face-masks are being scrapped in England,
  • People will no longer be told to work from home and, from Thursday next week, mandatory mask-wearing and COVID certification will end.
  • Self-isolation rules for people with coronavirus will end shortly. The legal requirement will lapse when the regulations expire on 24 March, and that date could be brought forward.

Response from the York Council

In response to today’s (19 January) statement from the Prime Minister that Plan B measures will expire on 26 January leaders at City of York Council have said:

Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of City of York Council said:

“It is welcome news that case rates are falling across the city as a result of the efforts of our incredible communities. Despite this, case rates are still higher across York than we would like.

Residents and businesses across the city have been incredible throughout the pandemic, and whilst it is welcome that some restrictions are being lifted next week, we ask that people continue to take as many precautions as they can to keep themselves and others safe.

“The COVID situation is considerably brighter than it has been in recent weeks and that is testament to our incredible NHS and frontline staff who are treating patients, administering vaccines and supporting our communities and businesses. I am sure they will continue to do all they can to keep people safe and stop COVID from spreading. I know that we will continue to do all we can to support schools, businesses and communities, as we have done throughout the pandemic.”

Fiona Phillips, Assistant Director for Public Health at City of York Council said:

“These changes have been made possible by the huge numbers of people across the city who have been vaccinated. Over 88% of people over the age of 16 in the city have had at least one dose, we are also seeing numbers of 12-15 year olds being vaccinated in the city increase which is encouraging. The vaccines are safe and effective and helping us through the pandemic. If you haven’t yet had your first jab or your booster, it’s not too late and every vaccine really does make a difference.

“No one wants restrictions on the way we live our lives. Despite a recent fall in cases in the city they remain higher than anyone would like.

As we move next week to having fewer restrictions we will be asking people to continue to take certain precautions to stop COVID from spreading, including continuing to wear a face covering in busy public spaces and all of the other things we have all gotten used to over the past two years; washing our hands, getting the vaccine and letting fresh air in if seeing friends indoors.

“Our testing sites and pharmacies across the city are continuing to hand out symptom-free tests too so please continue to use them so you can see your friends and family and support our local businesses safely. Find out more about symptom-free tests at”.

Hospitals and deaths

Two more hospital deaths have been announced. One occurred on Monday and one yesterday. The cumulative toll is now 762.

The latest government figures, covering the period up to 7th January 2022, and indicating the number of York residents who have died of COVID related causes. reveals that there have been 3 more fatalities. One occurred in a care home and two in a hospital. The cumulative toll is now 416.

Test results

318 positive tests results have been announced today. They bring the cumulative total up to 44,163

The number of cases in the City has reduced by 127 to 1800

The infection rate has fallen to 853.04. Recent test results tend to confirm that the infection rate is bottoming out. It is likely to remain around 850 for at least the remainder of this week.


407 booster jabs were undertaken yesterday (62.1% now completed)


  • 3826 “Lateral Flow” tests were completed yesterday


Ten neighbourhoods now have infection rates below the 800 threshold

Neighbourhood infection graphs

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Unemployed numbers down in York

A meeting next week will hear that unemployed numbers in York are continuing to reduce.

Despite nearly 2,500 people remaining on furlough as the CJRS closed, the claimant count for York in both October and November continued to decrease.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people claiming out of work benefits in York was 3,105 in November which is considerably less than the peak of 2021 when there were 4,925 claimants in February.

Although we have not returned to pre-pandemic levels, when 1,820 people were claimants in March 2020, York remains the best performing city on the Centre for Cities unemployment tracker with just 2.2% of its working-age population claiming unemployment-related benefits.

The reports do not cover the December/January period when there was a spike in coronavirus case numbers (and some additional restrictions)

The City Centre economy performed well during the autumn benefiting for a large number of “long distance, high spending” visitors.

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Coronavirus York updates: 18th January 2022

Hospitals and deaths

One more hospital death announced. It occurred on Saturday and brings the cumulative toll up to 760.

Hospital patient numbers are fairly stable although their are now 5 in the ICU

Test Results

284 positive test results announced today. They bring the cumulative total up to 43,845

There has been a reduction of 167 cases in the City today bringing the total down to 1927.

The infection rate /100k population has fallen to 913.22. The rate of reduction is beginning to tail off. However, it is hoped that the rate will level off below 900 for most of this week


242 booster vaccinations were completed yesterday. They bring the total up to 120,901 which is 61.8% of those who are eligible


4367 “lateral flow” tests were conducted in York yesterday.


Seven neighbourhoods now have infection rates below 800

Neighbourhood Graphs

City of York Outbreak Management Advisory Board – Wednesday, 26th January 2022 5.30 pm

  • Venue: Remote Meeting
1.Declarations of Interest
2.Minutes of the Meeting held on 24 November 2021  
3.Current Covid-19 Situation in York Presentation on the day.
4.Mental Health and the Economy  
5.Vaccination and Winter Planning Programmes       Vaccine Take Up & Boosters & Flu Vaccine·         Access to Vaccines and Addressing Vaccine Inequality
6.System Pressures Verbal updates from partners.
7.Communications Update  
8.Update from Sub Group: Universities and Higher Education establishments  
9.Items for Next Agenda
10.Dates of Future Meetings
11.Any Other Business

Tenants to benefit from improved York housing application process

Changes to improve the way residents can apply for council housing in York are starting this year.

The council will no longer be part of the North Yorkshire Home Choice partnership and will use a York-only allocations policy.

The decision to leave North Yorkshire Home Choice in favour of a York-based lettings system was made in 2018, following extensive consultation. This will start to be implemented this month (January 2022) when City of York Council launches its own web-based application system called Open Housing.

Residents currently on the council’s housing list have all been written to, notifying them of the changes to come, and they will be updated with further information on the next steps to take later in 2022.

The council will also write to applicants who have recently applied for social housing in York, asking them to re-apply on the new system so that they can be assessed using the new, York-only policy. Any such re-applications will automatically be backdated to the original application.

Applicants who wish to live in North Yorkshire – the local authority areas of Craven, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Hambleton, Scarborough and Selby – and who have a local connection to their chosen area, will need to have their applications transferred across to the relevant authority so that they can progress them. They have been asked to contact the council by emailing or calling 01904 554044.

Coronavirus York updates: 17th January 2022

Hospitals and deaths

Four more deaths have been announced by the York Hospital Trust. Two occurred on Thursday and two on Friday. They bring the cumulative toll up to 759.

There are currently 4 people in intensive care.

Test results

261 positive test results announced today. They bring the cumulative total up to 43,561.

The number of cases in the City has fallen by 334 to 2094

The infection rate /100k population, at 992.37, has fallen below 1000 for the first time since 12th December 2021. The trend continues to be downward


479 booster jabs were completed yesterday


  • 11,976 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 11th January 2022.
  • Of these, 24.8% were positive. This compares to a positivity rate of 27.5% found during the previous week.
  • In addition, 4211 “lateral flow” tests were completed on 16th January 2922,

It has been suggested that the fall in positive test results seen in recent days may partly be due to difficulty in getting testing kits. The latest data suggests that the number of lateral flow tests being taken has remained high, and consistent, for most of the last month.

Test kits are freely available at the Foxwood Community Centre and other testing sites.

The Council advises people to use the online system to book an appointment to collect a test kit from one of the following sites in York:

  • Foxwood Community Centre, Cranfield Place, YO24 3HY
    • Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 12.00pm, 12.40pm to 4.00pm
  • University of York, Wentworth Way, Heslington, YO10 5NA
    • Monday to Friday, 12.00pm to 4.00pm
  • York St John University, Lord Mayor’s Walk, YO31 7EX
    • Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 3.00pm
    • Saturday and Sunday, 9.00am to 12.00pm

If you’re attending without an appointment, you can check details of all symptom-free testing sites, test pick-up locations and opening times on NHS.UK.


Poppleton/Rufforth and the City centre have become the first neighbourhoods to record infection rates below 800 this year.

Infection rates continue to fall in all parts of York

Coronavirus York updates: 16th January 2022

Test results

226 positive test results today. They bring the total up to 43,300.

The number of cases in the City has fallen by 416 to 2428

The infection rate has fallen to 1150.65. The rate is set to halve in little more than a 7 days period and is now trending to fall to around the level seen in January 2021.


219 booster jabs were completed yesterday. The vaccination rate has slowed recently although only 61.5%, of those eligible, have so far had a booster jab


  • 3122 “lateral flow” tests were completed on 15th January 2022


There are now no neighbourhoods with a rate over 1600.

Five neighbourhoods now have rate below 1000

  • The highest rate (1563.2) can be found in the Westfield/Chapelfields/Foxwood North area
  • The lowest rate (871.5) can be found in Poppleton/Rufforth
  • The areas with the highest proportion of residents who have had all three jabs are Haxby and Wigginton (78.3%)
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Latest planning applications for the Westfield Ward

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Westfield ward.

Full details can be found by clicking the application reference


W R Dunn & Co Ltd 27 – 29 Front Street York YO24 3BW

Crown reduce 3no. trees and a group of trees in a Conservation Area 

Ref. No: 22/00034/TCA 


103 Stuart Road York YO24 3AJ

Two storey side extension and single storey front extension 

Ref. No: 21/02774/FUL 


126 Askham Lane York YO24 3HR

Creation of new access, including new dropped kerb and new driveways at No.126 and 124 Askham Lane. 

Ref. No: 21/02655/FUL 


1 Apple Blossom Court Askham Lane York YO24 3HH

Single storey rear extension following removal of conservatory 

Ref. No: 21/02477/FUL 

Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning online web site.

The Council does not routinely consult neighbours by letter when an application is received

Coronavirus York updates: 15th January 2022

Test results

246 positive test results bring the cumulative total up to 43,074

The number of cases in the City has fallen by 299 to 2844.

The infection rate /100k population has fallen to 1347.80. This is the lowest figure recorded this year. The trend is downwards

There has been a spike in case numbers at St Johns. Infection levels also rising at York University

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332 booster vaccinations were completed yesterday

Vaccinations for 12-15 year-olds still available

City of York Council are urging residents to ensure that their secondary school-aged children receive a Covid vaccine if eligible.

Appointments for vaccinations can be booked through the national website, which also provides answers to common questions about the vaccine.

As well as this, parents will be informed of the vaccination schedule for their child’s school, in in-school vaccinations having restarted on January 10.

Most people in the 12-15 age range must wait 12 weeks between their first and second vaccine doses, although a small number of clinically vulnerable people may be asked to shorten this time.

Each vaccine is administered by a qualified medical professional who will be happy to answer any queries about the vaccination process.

To find out more about the vaccination options for 12-15 year olds, please visit

You can find a full list of vaccination sites and information about booking by visiting


  • 12,675 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 9th January 2022
  • Of these. 29.1 % were positive. This compares to a positivity rate of 29.5% found during the previous week
  • In addition, 3899 “rapid flow” tests were completed on 14th January 2022
Self-isolation guidance shortened to five days

The Government has announced that the self-isolation period for people who test positive for Covid-19 is being cut to five full days.

From Monday 17 January onwards, people who test positive for Covid-19 will be able to leave isolation after negative lateral flow tests on days five and six, after a positive lateral flow test or PCR test.

Residents can still access lateral flow tests at a number of sites around York, and testing sites around the city have recently extended their opening hours to aid ease of access for residents.

To find out more, please visit


ALL neighbourhoods showed a reduced infection rate today

Tranby Avenue parking problems – “When in a hole stop digging”

The parking problems, caused by vehicles displaced from York University, has taken a new twist.

York Council officials have advertised double yellow line proposals for Tranby Avenue. The street has been badly hit by parking problems since a ResPark scheme was introduced in Badger Hill last summer.

Tranby Avenue parking issues

Indiscriminate parking made access for residents and public service vehicles – including buses and refuse collection trucks – difficult.

The implications of the Universities failed travel plan – imposed by the York Council – have been far reaching click

The Council planned waiting restrictions, which cover only a small part of the problem area, is likely to incense local residents even more.

The effect of the restriction will simply be to move the problem onto other streets.

The Council has yet to even discuss whether to allow drivers to park at the nearby park and ride site (which is rarely more than half full) and take a 15 minute walk to the University campus

A more sophisticated approach to the use of the Universities own car parks is needed. Restrictions could be lifted on, at least, non busy hour access. A positive initiative might be to allow access to the car parks at any time for zero emission vehicles.

The first step should have been to interview the drivers of vehicles parked in the area to discover the origin, destination and purpose of their journey. That could have informed a decision on how to deal with the issue.

Residents are being asked to respond to the yellow line proposal by 4th February)

A letter from the Council says

It is proposed to introduce ‘No Waiting at any time’ restrictions in Cavendish Grove & Tranby Avenue, York to the extent described in the ‘Notice of Proposals’ (Notice) and as set out in the plan.  This is to maintain safety at a location being adversely affected by indiscriminate/obstructive parking.  Should you require any further information in regard to this item then please contact the project manager, Darren Hobson,  telephone (01904) 551367, email I do hope you are able to support the proposals but should you wish to object then please write, giving your grounds for objection, to the Director of Economy and Place at the address shown on the Notice,

York Council letter

One local Councillor has already responded questioning the impact that such restrictions would have on local residents and on parking issues on adjacent streets.

Process for grants to York businesses

A new application scheme is opening so eligible York businesses can access the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure grants.

City of York Council is continuing to support businesses impacted by the pandemic. Since the announcement was made by the chancellor regarding additional business support grants, the council has worked incredibly hard to understand the latest guidance and set up a convenient process which will pay grants to eligible businesses as quickly as possible.

As a result of this work a new process has been set up to distribute grants to leisure and hospitality businesses who are eligible for the latest grant support.

The council is today (14 January) emailing over 1,600 businesses across the city who are eligible to apply to start the process. The council’s Covid business support webpages have been updated with the eligibility criteria and an application form and any business who does not receive an invite by next week will be able to go online and complete the application form.  The deadline for applications is 28 February and updates will continue to be provided on the progress of paying the latest grants to businesses.

The council is also continuing work to finalise the processes for distributing the COVID-19 Additional Restrictions Fund and Additional Restrictions Grant through a local support scheme and will announce more details on this as soon as possible. Updates will be shared through the business e-newsletter, which businesses can sign up to at Register for council updates – City of York Council as well as through social media and local media.