Coppergate Centre Car Park opening hours cut

The opening hours of Coppergate Centre Car Park are changing from Saturday 14 May.

The new closing time of 7pm (from 8pm) will align with the current footstreet hours of 7pm.

After 7pm the city centre is accessible to all vehicles and parking for blue badge holders, who either use the on-street parking bays around the city centre or the car parks including Coppergate Centre while the footstreets are closed.

Other reasons for the earlier closing time are that parking officers and the Coppergate shopping centre management have highlighted that the car park gets little use after 7pm.

The Coppergate Shopping Centre closes at 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, 6pm Friday to Saturday and 5pm on Sundays. Shopmobilty, based at the car park, closes at 4pm.

James Gilchrist, Director of Transport, Environment and Planning, at City of York Council spokesperson said: “We’ve been working closely with partners to review the opening times. In doing so, we are aligning Coppergate Centre Car Park with the current footstreet times of 7pm. We also hope that the earlier closing time will help to tackle the issue of anti-social behaviour we’ve recently experienced.”

Additional CCTV has also been installed in the ground floor lobby area of the car park.

The decision to change the opening hours was made by the director officer of Transport, Environment and Planning in April,

No public notice of the proposed change was published