This won’t please many residents

Which roads will be resurfaced this year?

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The York Council has published a list of roads and paths which will be resurfaced this year. The £6.997 million budget includes £1.2 million for the replacement of aging traffic signals

There are separate programme lists covering drainage/gulley renewal (£900k) the City Walls (£376k) and street lighting (£644k)

However it is the resurfacing programmes that will cause most controversy.

It has been obvious for some years that the Council was not making sufficient provision in its budget to keep the highway network in a safe condition

The publication of the list of streets has already prompted Councillors to call for the publication of the grading given to each street in the City by highways inspectors (as was done until fairly recently).

Many parts of the City will see no resurfacing work at all over the next 12 months.

In Westfield the plans only include surface dressing part of the carriageway on Askham Lane and some street light replacements. The section of the B1224 between Beckfield Lane and Oak Rise, which mainly falls within the Acomb Ward) will be resurfaced. It is unclear how this work will complement the Councils recent decision to improve cycling facilities on this route.

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It is unclear how the Council has managed to under budget for this particular public service. Critics will point to the vast amounts of money borrowed to finance prestige schemes over the last few years. The interest charges on the borrowing is now restricting the amount available for repairs and maintenance budgets.

The detailed papers can be viewed by clicking this link.

The decisions on funding allocations were taking by officials at a behind closed doors meeting

NB. The Council has decided to renew the pedestrian crossing signals at the junction of Front Street and Green Lane. A report says, “

Director of Transport, Environment and Planning in consultation with Executive Member for Transport agreed to approve the works at the junction of Front Street and Green Lane, Acomb that:

  • Replace life expired traffic signal equipment and infrastructure
  • Refurbish the civil construction elements of the junction
  • Make minor alterations to the layout of the junction The reason for these works being to ensure that the junction can continue to be operated and to implement minor improvements that are not more significant than the core refurbishment works

No details of the “minor improvements” have been published.

Signals will be renewed on Fronts Street