Good news as York – Tadcaster cycle path now clear of obstructions

We reported overgrowth that was obstructing the York to Tadcaster cycle track on a couple of occasions over the last couple of months. It is a recurring problem each year and is a particular problem near the Pike Hills golf course. That particular section became impassible for wheelchair users a couple of weeks ago.

National Highway Yorkshire have now removed the blockages. Sight lines have also been cut back.

Hopefully the problem locations will be put on a routine cutting schedule next summer.

Good growing weather is mixed news for City

The recent rain means that grass, weeds and hedges are now growing rapidly. Some footpaths have already been overgrown blocking the route for pedestrians.

On Foxwood Lane nettles now obstructed a public footpath. In the past the margin was treated with weed killer but this hasn’t happened this year. The farmer who tends the adjacent field – from which some of the overgrowth originates – has in the past trimmed back the nettles but this hasn’t happened this year.

Similarly some grassed areas adjacent to blocks of flats haven’t been cut by the Council. The Council blames labour shortages for their woes.

Elsewhere a metre wide strip has been cut adjacent to the Rufforth – Knapton cycle path to facilitate safe access. However, hedge branches are still obstructing parts of the track. We have said for a long time that routes which form part of the York cycle network should be inspected regularly with basic maintenance work then commissioned to ensure that they remain safe for users.

Elsewhere, Highways Yorkshire have confirmed that they are currently inspection the York – Tadcaster cycle track next to the golf club with a view to trimming back obstructions.

Same problems every year

Its a shame that the authorities don’t review their standard maintenance procedures each year.

Any review of the number of complaints received each summer covering grass cutting and weed control, would reveal the need to adjust schedules to avoid the same problems occurring the following year.

But no root cause analysis seems to be done these days.

Instead problems, with obstructions caused by overgrowth on paths, occur at the same locations each summer.

Currently the cycle path between York and Tadcaster is badly obstructed in places. A 3 metre wide swath needs to be cut if a safe access is to be maintained

A few days ago we identified a similar recurring problem on the cycle track near Bishopthorpe