Coronavirus York updates: 23rd May 2022

Hospitals and deaths

There have been no further hospital deaths

The number of COVID+ patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has risen by one to 79

Test results

The number of cases in the City has edged up by one to 190

The infection rate has remained stable at 90.4.

The rate remains above the regional and national averages. It is also higher than the rate that was seen at this time last year

The rate in York is expected to decline slowly during this week.


33 third dose booster jabs were completed yesterday


  • 385 “Lateral Flow” tests were completed yesterday. The number of LFTs being undertaken continues to decline


Quite a large spread of infection rate differences across the City. Highest is 161.6 in Huntington (11 cases) with the lowest being 17.2 in New Earswick (1 case).

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